Da li voliš da pomažeš drugima u nevolji? Želiš da pružiš podršku ljudima koji beže od rata i nasilja, a koji su se na svom putu našli u Srbiji? Želiš da slobodno vreme koje imaš provedeš radeći nešto korisno i za sebe i za druge?

Centar za zaštitu i pomoć tražiocima azila (APC/CZA) poziva sve koji žele pruže direktnu podršku tražiocima azila i migrantima, doprinesu stvaranju tolerantnog i otvorenog društva i suzbijanju predrasuda i ksenofobije da se priključe mreži APC/CZA volontera.

Volonter može biti svako ko je punoletan, ima vremena i želje da pomogne ljudima u nevolji i nema predrasuda prema ljudima drugih nacija, vera ili rasa.

Ukoliko imaš želju da pomogneš i vremena da se aktivno uključiš u redovne aktivnosti Centra za zaštitu i pomoć tražiocima azila (APC/CZA) kontaktiraj nas za više informacija.


To legally protect everyone who is coming from Ukraine to Serbia

 Source: RTS

Beograde, 08.03.2022.

According to UN data, 1,700,000 people left Ukraine in 10 days. By mid-March, that number could reach four million. Warnings are coming of the possibility of severe humanitarian consequences. The path of refugees from Ukraine leads to Poland, Moldova, Romania, and then to Western European countries. However, in recent days, refugees from Ukraine have also come to Serbia. Rados Djurovic from the Asylum Protection Center points out that it is necessary to resolve their legal status, in order to have the right to accommodation, work and education in our country.
Rados Djurovic, as a guest on the RTS morning program, said that in the coming period it can be expected that the number of refugees from Ukraine will be between five and seven million. According to the records of the Asylum Protection Center , more than 700 people came to Serbia.Tanjug-APC-Rados-660x330.gif

"They entered and stayed here with friends and relatives, in private accommodation. Over 5,000 passed through our country on the way to Croatia, one part to Montenegro, but the MUP, the border police, which he keeps very detailed records of that, "Djurovic said.

It is important, he adds, to say that these people organized their stay in our country themselves and that the system of reception in refugee camps has not been started.

"We currently have 6,000 places, of which 4,000 are filled with refugees from Asia and Africa. It can be started somewhere between 1,700 and 2,000 places according to the emergency plan, but that, I'm afraid, is not enough capacity. Not everyone is usable at the moment. "We would have to raise those capacities, because the circumstances are not calming down and the refugees are coming," Djurovic said.

He refers citizens who want to help to the Serbian Commissariat for Migration and Refugees, especially if they have conditions for accommodating those who arrived.

"In Hungary, 'Airbnb' offered the first answer because people still don't know where they will go, what they will do.. Temporary accommodation in isolated centers may is not the solution," says Djurovic.

Djurovic adds that those who came to our country, as well as those who are still on the road, are interested in whether they can continue their normal life in Serbia.

"What will they get from the protection here, because many of them do not want to leave their home forever, that is a specific situation, they are waiting for the war to end and they want to be as close as possible to their country," Djurovic points out.

He notes that organized systems for the reception of refugees have not been launched in the region yet, and that a lot of that is on the basis of volunteerism and the initiative of local self-governments. That is why, he notes, it is necessary to provide state protection.

"It is crucial that you do not have a crisis, to protect those people, reduce their stress ... It is important that the legal status is resolved. Now that the refugees come from Ukraine, they have a stay of three months. However, at that time they do not have any special In addition to that stay in Serbia, it is necessary to think about the temporary protection act adopted by the EU, but also some neighboring countries such as Croatia and Hungary, which would automatically give everyone fleeing Ukraine the right to accommodation, the right to to work and to education ", explains Đurović.

He notes that, according to the information they receive from the Serbian Commissariat, those rights will be provided to refugees who came to our country, but it is necessary to foreseen it legally.

As for direct humanitarian aid, he adds that the system is considering distributing aid at border crossings and in places where refugees have arrived.

"Humanitarian aid is crucial, people are running out of money, they are calling and appealing because the money they have is not enough and the friends who support them will not be able to do that for a long time," says Djurovic.

He points out that mostly women and children come, and that it is difficult to expect them to avoid turning to bread immediately because they have to take care of each other.

"It is difficult to expect that in this wave, although the temporary protection would have foreseen that. We have not adopted that act yet, it should be passed as the number of people in our country increases," says Djurovic.

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