Asylum seekers in Vrbica

'A decision to opening a pending center for asylum seekers is not defenitely made' , told as Vladimir Cucic, a Commissioner for Refugees.
In the village Vrbica, near Mladenovac, residents organized a road blocade due to arrival of asylum seekers which should be transfered from pending center in Banja Koviljaca to abandoned military barracks ' Mala Vrbica', is announced yesterday from the 'SNP nasi '. They also announce radicalization of protest if tomorrow's meeting with Mayor Dragan Djilasa wouldn't be succesful.

Colonel, Milivoje Pajovic, Head of Public Relations for the Ministery of Defense, says that information that ministery offered barracks for placing a azylum seeekers are correct.

'We have offered dozens of buildings for that purpose, but decision where azylum seekers will be placed is under the jurisdiction of Serbian Commisseriat for Refugees', says Pajovic.

Commissioner for Refugees, Vladimir Cucic, told as that a decision for placing azylum seeker still was not made.

'The decision is on The Government of Serbia. That rumors that accoured abouth placing azylum seekers in Serbia, need to be taken under control, and protest organizers must keep in mind that spreading false news and disturbing a public is punishable by law' says Cucic.

Past experience shows that when the asylum seekers are concered, it became a subject of manipulaton with informations and feelings. It is claimed, that asylum seekers are violent and that they are attacking local population, but official police reports shows that asylum seekers are mostly victims.

'Placement of asylum seekers is an international obligation of our country. Serbs, who have been persecuted trought history, need to have more sympathy for those who are in that situation today. The center in Bogovadja is good example of successful cooperation, and it is also possibility for 50 people to work there' says Cucic.

When the decision of new location is made, from that moment it will take least a year till opening a facility for asylum seekers, and it doesn't mean the dismaniting of the existing centers, in Banja Koviljaca and Bogovadja, but their relief.

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