Research and policy brief on the health protection of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in Serbia


Author: APC/CZA Photo: APC/CZA

Asylum Protection Center alongside the Center for Public Policy through joint efforts during the past year, have prepared research and a policy brief on the state of health protection of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in Serbia, based on the extensive experiences Asylum Protection Center providing assistance to asylum seekers on the field and through conducting a series of interviews and focus groups with relevant actors at the central level and the local level. We paid special attention to the challenges and problems that exist in this area, as well as existing perspectives, bad and good practices in the field of adult health care and refugee children, in local communities, in and out of camps and asylum centers.

In the health care policy brief, we came up with recommendations that institutions and authorities should consider in order to improve this important area of protection for refugees, which is inextricably linked to the system of health protection of the local population, and above all with the general conditions of accepting refugees and the functioning and management of the asylum and migration system in Serbia.

Download the policy document here (SRB) :  Health protection of migrants, asylum seekers and persons who received asylum in Serbia


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