Research and policy brief on the education of refugee children in Serbia - the Challenges of Integration


Author: APC/CZA Photo: APC/CZA

Asylum Protection Center alongside the Center for Public Policy through joint efforts during the past year, have prepared research and a policy brief on the policies and practices of educating migrant children, asylum seekers and refugees in Serbia, based on the extensive experiences of Asylum Protection Center in providing assistance to asylum seekers on the field and through the conduction of a series of interviews and focus groups with relevant actors at the central level and the local level. We paid particular attention to the challenges and problems of enrolling migrant children and refugees in primary and secondary schools in Serbia. We looked at existing policies and practices, but also offered possible directions and solutions that should contribute to easier and better inclusion of refugee children in the education system in our country.

Download the policy document here (SRB):  Migration and Education - the challenges of integrating refugee children


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