Exhibition in Lajkovac – the Works of Woman and Children Asylum Seekers

Exhibition "Far world in the Small Town" was opened at the Cultural Center "Hadzi Ruvim" in Lajkovac on October 26. There were presented the works of women and children asylum seekers accommodated in asylum center in Bogovadja. Those works were created in 2012. during the workshops organized through the project of the Asylum Protection Center APC/CZA - The Empowerment of asylum seekers and persons who got the asylum for the active social role in local communities, funded by Scan Foundations and BCIF.

Besides the products and materials got from the workshops, at the exhibition were also presented photographs of Iran, difficult conditions immigrants are facing with during their journey from their home countries to Serbiaas well as photos of the football match held in Lajkovac which involved residents and asylum seekers.

The opening ceremony was attended by thirty asylum seekers, and the special attention of the visitors attracted women from Somalia and Afghanistan who were painting henna on the hands of curious guests.

Despite the large number of local residents, the exhibition opening was also visited by the Management of Asylum Centre in Bogovadja, Director of KC "Hadzi Ruvim", Director of Home Health in Lajkovac, the assistant of headmaster of the Primary school "Mile Dubljevic", the representatives of the Commissariat for Refugees of the Republic of Serbia and the Serbian Red Cross.

The exhibition is open until November the 2., 2012.

Interested citizens can bring clothing they would like to give asylum seekers in the exhibition period, every working day, until the 5 p.m.

Within the additional program, on October 30. and October 31., at the KC "Hadzi Ruvim" will be organized a creative workshop where children asylum seekers and children from the local primary school will participate.

The organization of this event is the product of cooperation between the Asylum Protection Center APC/CZA, local authorities and Cultural Center "Hadzi Ruvim".

FaLang translation system by Faboba