A man from Afghanistan becomes the first refugee entrepreneur in Serbia

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A 46-year-old Afghan, who has been in Serbia for nearly three years, became the first refugee entrepreneur, Asylum Protection Center (APC) announced today.


The man from Afghanistan, who speaks seven languages, received asylum in Serbia in an asylum procedure represented by the lawyers of APC, with whom he also obtained the right to establish an entrepreneurial activity for the provision of translation services.

"He is in Serbia for almost three years now, throughout that time, APC provided legal assistance and support from the realization of his first personal ID card, the right to work, obtaining asylum and then, personal work permits for self-employment, startin a business, and registerin an entrepreneurial shope in the Agency for Business Registers of the Republic of Serbia," the statement said. 

APC added that he left Afghanistan very young, only to return several times in an attempt to stay, but because of problems related to revenge, plunder of property and persecution from the Taliban, who put his life at risk, he decided to indefinitely find a home elsewhere, somewhere safe...he chose Serbia. 

"He lives as a tenant, he gets along well with his landlord, establishes friendships, has mastered the basics of the Serbian language, and people are very much appreciative of him. He has a family, a wife and five children in Afghanistan, and he hopes to bring them to Serbia, because now, by means of his self-employment, the concept of integration gets a sustainable dimension, because refugees are not at the cost of society and the state, but are able to bear their own costs, pay taxes and contribute to the state and become full citizens of our society, "said the organization .

In Afghanistan he has a family, a wife and five children and imagines he will be able to bring them to Serbia, because now after he has received asylum, he has the right to family reunification.

Asylum Protection Center a local Serbian non-profit and professional organization that provides legal, psychosocial and integration assistance to asylum seekers and refugees in Serbia since the emergence of asylum procedures in Serbia.

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